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The recent wildfires in Sevier County, Tennessee, have displaced hundreds of families.  There have been lives lost and several still missing.  This is a tragedy that will not be over in a short period of time despite the fact that people have shown such generosity and kindness.  Many have lost homes, loved ones, jobs, pets, everything.  A member of our staff, Morgan Wilds, has family all over Sevier County.  Her immediate family was spared, but has had close friends displaced by the fires.  She has gone to the devastated area to volunteer where she is able to.   Everyone needs help, including firefighters, families, and animals.  The local citizens that were not victims of the fire are now the caregivers.  They will need help too.

The Dollywood Foundation has started the “My People Fund” and is doing a wonderful thing, giving families $1,000 for six month for living expenses.  Dolly Parton said she believes charity begins at home.  East Tennessee is our Home and we need each other now and always.  If you wish to help, the Sevier County Chamber of Commerce Facebook page lists links to relief funds.  You can also donate to organizations like the American Red Cross and the Friends of the Smokies.  More information about relief and recovery efforts and how you can get involved can also be found the following media outlets: